Take back your freedom

We are in the midst of a high stakes global conspiracy unlike anything ever seen in human history. Censorship and oppression of free speech is now common place. We have two choices: 1. To accept it and comply with unlawful, unjust and harmful demands. Or 2. To educate others about the truth and fight back to create a better world for future generations. And we choose the latter. We do not consent to the new normal! No one knows this better than todays special guest David Icke. David Icke has been exposing the global conspiracy for 30 years since a time when almost no one was interested. He was called crazy and later dangerous – now both. But he has been proved right by events and silicon valley giants owned by the cult he has been exposing have now banned him for telling the truth. So be it we will not be silenced. Justin will speaking to David about his new book “The answer” and how we need to take back our freedom before its too late.

Written by : Justin Malonson

Justin Malonson is the Founder of LyfeLoop a 16+ year tech innovator, investigative media researcher and host of the Freedom Not Control Podcast live on Voice America. Justin is a highly sought-after tech entrepreneur, industry speaker and winner of the coveted Business Achievement Awards "Top Digital Marketer" award.

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