Let’s clear this up with facts there is no Qanon there is Q which is very real and has been around since 1945 per government documents linked here and there are anons ( anonymous) which are just anonymous independent researchers or “Digital Soldiers” as many refer to them.

Let’s Look at the Facts:


Here is a 2013 Article and Video from CNN

“Manhunt under way for NSA leaker

National Security Agency’s “Q Group” conducting international manhunt for Edward Snowden. “


Here is an Article from the New York Times in 2017 Stating “Fifteen months into a wide-ranging investigation by the agency’s counterintelligence arm, known as Q Group, and the F.B.I., officials still do not know whether the N.S.A. is the victim of a brilliantly executed hack, with Russia as the most likely perpetrator, an insider’s leak, or both.”

In 2017 the New York Times reported in passing that Q Group was the counter-intelligence arm of the NSA.

But of course since then the NYT discredits Q and calls them “conspiracy theorists”.

“…Fifteen months into a wide-ranging investigation by the [NSA’s] counterintelligence arm, known as Q Group,…”

In context, there is a war between the NSA and CIA. The NYT article was detrimental to the NSA, and was assisted by Leon Panetta, former CIA Director. The 2017 article showed that the NYT had access to Panetta for the article.

Since then, the NYT discredits Q without attribution. They ignore their own article from the year before.


Here are 2 more articles one from The Daily Beast titled “Inside the ‘Q Group,’ the Directorate Hunting Down Edward Snowden”



Business Insider:  https://www.businessinsider.com/the-hunt-is-on-for-edward-snowden-2013-6

Our Favorite is a 2014 article from Fast Company


“Just Like James Bond, The NSA Has A Q Branch

And it even has its own mail-order catalog. Here’s what is inside.”

They Even Wrote A Book On It https://www.google.com/books/edition/Dark_Mirror/7_LsDwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=Inside+the+%E2%80%98Q+Group,%E2%80%99+the+Directorate+Hunting+Down+Edward+Snowden&pg=PA362&printsec=frontcover


We leave you with official U.S. Government Documents Dated 1945

PDF Below