Mask mandates are only the beginning. Bottom line: your sole right to choose your own medical decisions is sacred, whether it’s masks, vaccines, medications, or anything else.
Do you really want politicians deciding these things for you?
If not, then you need to join us as Justin welcomes Rep. Jonathon Hill, a Republican Representative for South Carolina the founder of UNMASKSC to discuss how COVID-19 is killing medical freedom and what you can do to protect yourself. If government can force you to wear a mask, it can also force you to take a vaccine, dictate your medications, take away your privacy, and silence your voice. The question is, do you still want to be free?

Written by : Justin Malonson

Justin Malonson is the Founder of LyfeLoop a 16+ year tech innovator, investigative media researcher and host of the Freedom Not Control Podcast live on Voice America. Justin is a highly sought-after tech entrepreneur, industry speaker and winner of the coveted Business Achievement Awards "Top Digital Marketer" award.

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