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New Yorkers and San Franciscans Leaving in Droves

With apologies to John Kander and Fred Erb, the composer and lyricist respectively of Sinatra’s classic, New York, New York. It is time to update that tune: Start spreading the news, they’re leaving [...]

Sunrise Exposed! [Extended Trailer]

Devastating documentary about subversive groups within the Democrat Party!What you are about to see took over two years to compile having infiltrated several leftist organizations. This coming documentary contains exclusive material not found [...]

Shadow Gate 2.0 – Full Movie

The Fake News Industrial ComplexFull Documentary Below:The first installment of Shadow Gate demonstrated that the shadow government consists of government contractors; defense, intelligence, security, and so on. When the first trailer was aired, [...]

Election Night Coup D’état Plot Exposed!

Organized groups plan to siege the White House and takeover major cities throughout the United States including Washington, DC starting on Election Night!Shut Down DC, Black Lives Matter, the Sunrise Movement, federal workers [...]

Revenge Of The Kraken!

Election Sting Operation Exposes Corruption.NOTICE: The whistleblowers who provided the following information have risked their lives and reputations to get this information out. Some now have private security protecting them and their family [...]

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