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Karen Mask Freak Attacks Restaurant Owner For Not Wearing Face Covering .

A woman screaming about how she had been vaccinated attacked a restaurant owner for not wearing a face mask while also spraying hand sanitizer at a female employee.

Yes, really.

The incident occurred at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach, California and a clip showing part of what happened was subsequently posted to Twitter.

During the confrontation, the intoxicated woman, who isn’t wearing a mask herself, demands to see an employee’s vaccination card and responds to her own lack of a face covering by screaming, “I’m vaccinated, bitch!”

The Karen insists that the employee “doesn’t know what it feels like to be discriminated against” as she continues her tirade, spraying hand sanitizer at the bar staff.

Respondents to the video suggested that the woman may have been injected with something that turned her insane.

The HB Community Forum Twitter page later identified the ‘Karen’ as Leslie Genchi, of Costa Mesa.

As we highlighted earlier, during another incident that took place in a Target store, a woman was followed and harassed by a creep for not being vaccinated.

CNN’s Don Lemon is now openly inciting stalking and harassment by urging the weirdos that watch his show to “start shaming” the unjabbed in public.



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Pentagon Admits They Bombed Wrong Vehicle

We called it.
The Pentagon on Friday admitted they bombed the wrong vehicle and killed an Afghan family instead of ISIS-K terrorists in Kabul late last month.

The Hill reported:

The Pentagon on Friday confirmed it mistook a civilian vehicle for an ISIS-K threat when it launched a drone strike on Aug. 29 in Kabul that killed 10 civilians.

“I am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to seven children were tragically killed in that strike,” U.S. Central Command head Gen. Frank McKenzie told reports at the Pentagon. “Moreover, we analyzed that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or were a direct threat to US forces.”

TRENDING: The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

Here is what we reported back on August 29th.

The Biden regime can’t find all of the Americans in Afghanistan.
They don’t even know the exact number of Americans stranded in the country.

But we are all supposed to believe that Joe Biden and the US Military were able to identify two ISIS-K bombers and incinerate them in a Kabul missile strike earlier today.

As reported earlier – The US military today fired a missile at an apartment in Kabul, Afghanistan.

But it appears Sleepy Joe may have missed his mark.

Seven to nine people including several children were killed today in the US missile strike.

The children are dead tonight because Joe Biden and the US military want to make it look like they are on top of things and in control.
They aren’t.
They just lost a war to a band of 8th Century barbarians, saw 13 servicemembers murdered in a suicide attack, and surrendered a country and $85 billion in arms to the enemy.

Our country’s elites have never been worse.

Biden Regime BANS Drones From Flying Over Del Rio Bridge After Fox News Exposes Migrant Invasion .

Less than 24 hours after Fox News documented a shocking 10,000-plus strong Haitian migrant army amassing under the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas, the FAA issued flight restrictions banning drones from flying over the area for “special security reasons.” 

Owen comments on the shocking images coming from America’s wide open southern border.

Biden said before that this type of mass immigration is “our greatest strength” and “something we can be most proud of.”

Why is he now trying to prevent the American people from seeing it? 

The Del Rio mayor said their intelligence indicates 20,000 more Haitian migrants are currently on the way!

As we’ve seen before, these migrants are put on buses and even US military planes and chauffeured anywhere they want to go throughout the country! 

The feds even recommend they go to swing states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Texas and avoid the areas where our rulers live in California and New York!

Thousands Of Outraged New Yorkers To Protest Vaccine Passport Mandate In Times Square on Sept. 18

Organizers of the New York City Freedom Rally have been protesting weekly since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, demanding the government reopen their city and relinquish mask mandates.

A few hundred patriots, at most, attended the rallies in the notoriously liberal city at the start of the pandemic, while the majority of New Yorkers complied with the mask requirements, the quarantine restrictions that singlehandedly destroyed the US economy and put millions out of work as they provided COVID contract tracers their personal information each time they stepped into a restaurant.

Now that the city has begun enforcing its Covid-19 vaccine passport program, known as “Key to NYC,” for most indoor activities, New York City’s Freedom Rally, a chapter of the Worldwide Demonstration campaign, is picking up steam.

TRENDING: The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

The People’s eyes are open, they can see through the outright lies and they’ve had enough of the illogic.

Tens of thousands will protest against vaccine passports in New York’s Times Square on Saturday and rallying is just the first step we are taking towards ending the tyranny, Eric Grassi, an organizer of New York’s Freedom Rally told the Gateway Pundit.

“We are banding together to stop this,” he said. “This movement is growing rapidly because the fire departments, the teachers’ unions, our troops, the hospital workers – none of these people want this injection. They know what’s in it. It’s causing tremendous death and devastation across the world. The injection of children is an absolute criminal act – a capital crime. Plus, the vaccination programs are driving new forms are driving and developing new forms of the disease.

“We must stop and end all vaccine mandates. They are overthrowing medical ethics, which allows the individual to decide if they want medical treatment. This is an absolute violation of our fundamental rights. The coronavirus is biological and psychological warfare on humanity – that was obvious from the beginning. Rallying is just the first step towards ending this tyranny. There was no pandemic.”

“There are worldwide demonstrations going on. Our goal is to evict the perpetrators of this crime from their political offices,” Rassi said. “These arrogant people – De Blasio, Fauci, Biden – then need to be stopped. It’s apparent – criminal politicians conspired a world coup d’etat at pandemic planning conferences. They have planned this entire operation down to the fine, exact details of what they rolled out. This is a world takeover. It’s a world coup d’etat.

“They shut down and devastated New York for no reason. They just wrecked the city. They drove thousands of businesses out of business, and they just ruined hundreds of thousands of jobs. They closed whole sectors of the city’s economy permanently. They closed half the bars and restaurants in New York permanently. The economy of NY is a shadow of its former self. This is just one microcosmic example of what’s happening across the globe.”

Approximately 3,000 patriots attended the New York Freedom Rally on Monday as they marched across the Brooklyn bridge as they chanted, “Save New York,” “No vaccine mandates,” “Fire Fauci for crimes against humanity” and “Fuck the vaccine!”

The group intends to greet Joe Biden on =with a massive protest when he arrives in New York next to deliver his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly since taking office.

The rally will begin at 1 pm est at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Demonstrators will then march to Times Square at 1:30 pm est.


Gulag Fencing Goes Back Up Around Capitol; Trump Warns ‘It’s a Setup’ .

The black prison-like fencing that was a mainstay around Capitol Hill during the first half of the year has gone back up ahead of a protest scheduled this weekend, which President Trump has warned is a “setup”.

The fencing has been re-erected in response to the “Justice for J6” rally planned for Saturday at the US Capitol building, which is focused on the 600 defendants being detained for being part of the January 6th incident.

Video of the fencing also reveals that a motion-tracking watchtower has been put into place, presumably fitted with face recognition cameras and whatever other surveillance equipment is at hand to deploy on Americans practising their right to freedom of speech.

Capitol Police have said the fencing will come down again straight away, if the protest is carried out peacefully.

A statement also noted that “The USCP has asked the Department of Defense for the ability to receive National Guard support should the need arise on September 18.”

As The Hill contributor Don Wolfensberger notes, “The new protective barrier, even if only temporary, as officials insist, still reinforces public perceptions that Congress is once again walling itself off as fortress on a Hill, above and apart from the people it purports to represent.”

He continues, “And that perception only further exacerbates the widening gulf of distrust between the government and the governed. Will a new fence be re-installed every time a planned rally threatens potential violence against Congress?”

Meanwhile, President Trump has warned that the event on Saturday could be used as a “setup”.

In an interview with The Federalist, Trump said “On Saturday, that’s a setup,” adding “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

In a further statement, Trump noted “Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election.”

He added that “in addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!”

How Laura Loomer’s COVID Illness Is Shining A Bright Spotlight On The Appalling Truth About Democrats

Twitter is, without question, the most highly censored social media platform for conservatives.

100 Percent Fed Up – Conservative users with large followings on Twitter, like 100 Percent Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit, were removed from Twitter for reporting 100% true stories about voter fraud.

For the past 3-4 years, Twitter has removed any trace of pro-life activists and journalists from their platform. They’ve banned anyone who spoke out against election fraud in the 2020 election or questioned COVID lockdowns, the safety or efficacy of the COVID jab,  or alternative cures for COVID. So while Twitter was erasing conservatism from their platform, they were simultaneously handing out “blue check” marks to some of the meanest, most hateful leftists in America.

When “comedian” Kathy Gifford, who famously held a bloodied and decapitated Donald Trump head up for the cameras, venues across America canceled her engagements—she had clearly crossed a line. Twitter allowed her to keep her account. When other celebrities used Twitter to wish death or harm on President Trump, his family, and his supporters,  Twitter looked the other way. But when Kathy Gifford was diagnosed with cancer, large numbers of conservatives put politics aside and tweeted out prayers and wishes for her recovery.

Independent journalist, outspoken free-speech advocate, and former Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer is one of the most hated women in Democrat Party circles.

TRENDING: The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

Yesterday, Loomer messaged about contracting COVID on GETTR and asked for prayers:

“Blue check” liberals responded with abject hatred:

Blue checkmark MeidasTouch, a favorite account for Democrats, shared a post on social media by Loomer that she posted on Parler in December that says: “I hope I get COVID just so I can prove to people I’ve had bouts of food poisoning that are more serious and life-threatening than a hyped-up virus. “

For the record, I also had COVID, and fortunately, I only had a couple of days where I felt lousy. I was mostly tired for about 14 days. Although the media would like everyone to believe a COVID diagnosis will most certainly result in a trip to the hospital, that simply is not true.

The “blue check” MeidasTouch wrote that the post by “Far-right Republican Laura Loomer” is a reminder to people to be careful what they “wish for.”

The hateful Daily Beast mocked Loomer over her COVID illness. In the article they wrote about her diagnosis, they appear to be gloating about her condition. They also point out that she wrote about feeling like she “got hit by a bus” and that she was asking for prayers on Telegram, but curiously, we searched Telegram and couldn’t find an account for Loomer.

The vile Occupy Democrats (their name says it all) mocked the “Unvaccinated Loomer,” saying she “begs for prayers.” Their tweet reveals how Democrats are using vaccination status as a tool to divide Americans: “RT (retweet) IF YOU’RE PROUDLY VACCINATED!” they tweeted.

PoppaBear tweeted that he will be “ordering fajitas tonight to mark the occasion” of Loomer’s COVID illness. Almost 2K Twitter users “liked” his tweet.

Over 4K Twitter users “liked” a tweet by “Red” who offered thoughts and prayers to COVID, “which is infected by Laura Loomer.” Her tweet was in response to Ron Filipkowsi, who referred to Loomer as a “White nationalist,’ (a term commonly used by liberals, without any evidence of their claim to identify anyone who disagrees with their leftist views) in his tweet announcing Loomer has COVID.

Attorney Marina Medvin had the perfect response to the liberals on Twitter wishing death and serious illness on Loomer:

Laura Loomer is trending this morning. She tested positive for coronavirus with strong symptoms. The left is glowing and gloating in response. Irrespective of how you feel about someone, it’s not a good look for you when you celebrate their illness.

Why are Democrats so consumed with hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with them?

Once upon a time, “blue check” marks were supposed to indicate that the Twitter account was a verified news source, a bonified celebrity, popular personality, or a well-known political pundit. Almost immediately after President Trump’s inauguration, Twitter, like Facebook, drastically changed the rules of engagement on their highly censored platforms.

Twitter and Facebook removed the President of the United States for speaking out against the fraudulent election. Twitter, which is accountable to no one, removed all but a handful of reliable voices in the conservative movement, and those they didn’t remove, they suspended at critical times when their input was most valuable.

Americans are more divided now than at any time since the Civil War—there is no question that Twitter and Facebook are to blame.

Top FDA Scientists Write Letter to Lancet Warning Against Fauci’s Booster Shots .

How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart. 

The booster has already been promoted by top lockdown advocates Neil Ferguson of Imperial College and Anthony Fauci of NIH, even in the face of rising public incredulity toward their “expert” advice. For these two FDA officials to go on record with grave doubts – and their perspective is certainly backed by the unimpressive booster experience in Israel – introduces a major break in the narrative that the experts in charge deserve our trust and deference. 

What’s at stake here? It’s about more than the boosters. It’s about the whole experience of taking away the control of health management from individuals and medical professionals and handing it over to modelers and government officials with coercive power. 

From the first week of March 2020, the US embarked on a wild experiment in virus mitigation, deploying a series of measures with a sweep and scope that had never previously been attempted, not in modern times and not even in ancient times. The litany of controls and tactics is long. Many of these measures survive in most parts of the US. The retail landscape is still filled with plexiglass. We are still invited to sanitize ourselves when going indoors. People still mask up in proximity to others. The “Karens” of the world are still actively shaming and denouncing anyone suspected of non-compliance.

The vaccine push has been particularly divisive, with President Biden actively encouraging “anger” at those who don’t get the jab, even as he refuses to acknowledge the existence of infection-induced immunities. In several cities, people who refuse vaccines are being denied active participation in civic life, and a populist movement is rising up that scapegoats the refuseniks as the only reason that the virus continues to be a problem. 

All these measures were deployed in waves of controls. It all began with event cancellations and school closures. It continued with travel bans, most of which are still in place. Sanitization and plexiglass were next. Masks were rolled out and then mandated. The principle of forced human separation governed social interactions. Capacity limits indoors were a common feature. The US example inspired many governments around the world to adopt these NPIs (non-pharmaceutical interventions) and take away the liberties of the people. 

At each stage of control, there were new claims that we’ve finally found the answer, the key technique that would finally slow and stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Nothing worked, as the virus seemed to follow its own course regardless of all these measures. Indeed there was no observable difference anywhere in the world based on whether and to what extent any of these measures were deployed. 

Finally came the pharmaceutical interventions, voluntary at first but gradually mandatory, just as with each previous protocol began as a recommendation until it was mandated. 

At no point in these 19 months have we seen a clear admission of failure on the part of government officials. Indeed, it’s mostly been the opposite, as the agencies double down, claiming effectiveness while citing no data or studies, while social media companies backed it all by taking down contrarian posts and brazenly deleting accounts of people who dare cite dissenting science. 

The vaccine was the biggest gamble of all simply because the program was so expensive, so personal, and so wildly oversold. Even those of us who opposed every other mandate had hopes that the vaccines would finally end the public panic and provide governments a way to back out of all the other strategies that had failed. 

That did not happen. 

Most people believed that the vaccine would work like many others before them to block infection and spread. In this, people were merely believing what the head of the CDC said. “Our data from the C.D.C. today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick,” Rochelle Walinsky told Rachel Maddow. “And that it’s not just in the clinical trials, it’s also in real-world data.” 

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,”President Biden said, reflecting what was the common view in the summer of 2021.

That of course turned out not to be the case. The vaccines appear to have been helpful in mitigating against some severe outcomes but it did not achieve victory over the virus. Israel’s surge in infections in August was among the fully vaccinated. The same happened in the UK and Scotland, and that precise result began to hit the US in September. Indeed, we all have vaccinated friends who caught the virus and were sick for days. Meanwhile, team natural immunity has received a huge boost from a large study in Israel that demonstrated that recovered Covid cases gain far more protection than is conferred by the vaccine.

The fallback position then became the booster. Surely this is the answer! Israel was first to mandate them. Here again, the problems began to show, as yet another magic bullet of disease mitigation failed. Then the inevitable headline came: Israel preparing for possible fourth COVID vaccine dose. So think about this because there is a sense in which the vaccines rank among the biggest failures: in a matter of a few short months, we’ve gone from the claim that they fully protect to they are pretty okay provided you get regularly scheduled boosters forever. 

Now to the striking resignation of two top officials at the FDA who were in charge of vaccine safety and administration. It was the Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Vaccines Research, Marion Gruber and Phillip Kause. They gave no reason for their departure, which is scheduled for October and November. 

The case is fascinating because 1) people rarely resign cushy government jobs unless a higher-paying, higher-prestige job in the private sector awaits, or 2) they are being pushed out. It’s rare for anyone in a position like to to resign over a principled matter of science. When I first read that they were going, I figured something else was up. 

These days, extremely weird things are going on within the Biden administration. Even though his approval ratings are sinking, the president has to pretend that he has all the answers, that the science behind his mandates and virus war is universally settled, that anyone who disagrees with him is really just a political enemy. He has gone so far as to denounce, demonize, and legally threaten red-state governors who disagree with him. 

This is a deep problem for actual scientists working within the bureaucracy because they know for sure that all of this is a pretense and that the government cannot win this war on the virus. They simply cannot preside over more false promises, especially when the whole of their professional training is about assessing the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. 

So what can they do? In this case, it appears they had to get away before they dropped a bombshell. 

The bombshell is called “Considerations in boosting COVID-19 vaccine immune responses.” It appears in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet. The two top officials are among the authors. The article recommends against the Covid booster shot that the Biden administration, following Fauci’s advice, is suggesting as the key to making the vaccines work better and finally fulfill their promise. 

Fauci and company are pushing boosters because they know what is coming. Essentially we are going the way of Israel: most everyone is vaccinated but the virus itself is not being controlled. More and more among those hospitalized and dying are vaccinated. This same trend is coming to the US. The boosters are a means by which government can save face, or so many believe.

The trouble now is that the top scientists at the FDA disagree. Further, they think that the push for boosters is courting problems. They think the current regime of one or two shots is working as well as one can expect. Nothing is gained on net from a booster, they say. There just isn’t enough evidence to take the risk of another booster, and another and another. 

The authors knew this article was appearing. They knew that signing it under the FDA affiliation would lead to a push for their resignations. Life would get very difficult for both of them. They got ahead of the messaging and resigned before it came out. Very smart. 

The signed article goes even further to warn of possible downsides. They point out that boosters might seem necessary because “variants expressing new antigens have evolved to the point at which immune responses to the original vaccine antigens no longer protect adequately against currently circulating viruses.” At the same time, there are possible side effects that could discredit all vaccines for a generation or more. “There could be risks,” they write, “if boosters are widely introduced too soon, or too frequently, especially with vaccines that can have immune-mediated side-effects (such as myocarditis, which is more common after the second dose of some mRNA vaccines, or Guillain-Barre syndrome, which has been associated with adenovirus-vectored COVID-19 vaccines.”)

Bringing up such side effects is essentially a taboo topic. That this was written by two top FDA officials is nothing short of remarkable, especially because it comes at a time when the Biden administration is going all in on vaccine mandates. Meanwhile, studies are showing that for teenage boys, the vaccine poses a greater risk to them than Covid itself. “For boys 16-17 without medical comorbidities, the rate of CAE is currently 2.1 to 3.5 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk, and 1.5 to 2.5 times higher at times of high weekly COVID-19 hospitalization.”

From the beginning of these lockdowns – along with all the masks, restrictions, bogus health advice from plexiglass to sanitizer to universal vaccine mandates and so on – it was clear that there would someday be hell to pay. They wrecked rights and liberties, crashed economies, traumatized a whole generation of children and other students, ran roughshod over religious freedom, and for what? There is zero evidence that any of this has made any difference. We are surrounded by the carnage they created. 

The appearance of The Lancet article by two top FDA vaccine scientists is truly devastating and revealing because it undermines the last plausible tool to save the whole machinery of government disease management that has been deployed at such enormous social, cultural, and economic cost for 19 months. Not in our lifetimes has a policy failed so badly. The intellectual and political implications here are monumental. It means that the real Covid crisis – the task of assigning responsibility for all the collateral damage – has just begun. 

In 2006, during the early years of the birth of lockdown ideology, the great epidemiologist Donald Henderson warned that if any of these restrictive measures were deployed for a pandemic, the result would be a “loss of trust in government” and “a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.” Catastrophe is exactly what has happened. The current regime wants to point the finger toward the noncompliant. That is no longer believable. They cannot delay the inevitable for much longer: responsibility for this catastrophe belongs to those who embarked on this political experiment in the first place. 

The two studies that Fauci cited to green light Remdesivir prove that he’s trying to kill Americans

FDA Panel Rejects Pfizer Booster Shot for Ages 16-65 Over Increased Risk of Heart Inflammation

On Friday, Biden’s vaccination plan hit a major roadblock after an FDA advisory panel declined to endorse authorization the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid booster shot for people aged 16 or older.

The 18 member group of influential experts was tasked with deciding if Pfizer’s latest clinical trials had provided adequate results that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of their booster shot.

Unsurprisingly, the results did not make the cut, not even close.

The panel voted 16-2 to reject extra doses of experimental vaccine, citing insufficient data from incomplete clinical trials and the potential risk of heart inflammation – especially among young men. 

TRENDING: The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

The panel did, however, vote unanimously to endorse the booster for people aged 65 or older and “high-risk” individuals

According to Fox News:

“[The FDA Panel] endorsed emergency approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine booster shot at least six months following the second dose among people ages 65 and older and those at high risk of occupational exposure and severe COVID-19.

The meeting included members of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, (VRBPAC), as well as officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lsrael’s Health Ministry, vaccine experts and Pfizer representatives.”

The panel’s vote will now be weighed by the FDA to make a final decision on who will be eligible for the Pfizer booster. 

The additional doses are being pushed because the original vaccine effectiveness has been fading quickly over time. Several studies have shown that people who have gotten the virus and then recovered – leaving them with natural immunity – are much better protected than those who are relying on the Pfizer jab.

In fact, one study that was conducted on 800,000 individuals showed that people who have taken both doses of the Pfizer jab are 13 TIMES more likely to have a breakthrough infection, and are at a “greater risk for Covid-19 hospitalizations.”

New Israeli Study Finds Fully Vaccinated People are at “Greater Risk of Hospitalization” and 13 TIMES MORE LIKELY to Catch Covid-19 Than Those Who Have Recovered and Have Natural Immunity

So much for the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’..

The US health regime and Big Pharma have cleverly used the poor vaccine results to push another round of experimental shots. They have begun to acknowledge the decline in protection against infection, but refuse to mention anything about natural immunity and downplay the adverse reactions that have been well documented.

Fox News: Dr. William Gruber, senior vice president of vaccine clinical research and development at Pfizer, noted Phase 3 trial data indicating waning protection over time, from 96% vaccine efficacy within two months after the second dose to about 84% by six months and amid the dominant delta variant.

Additional data suggested a third Pfizer dose would ramp up protection on par or better than the second dose, however concerns were raised over the potential increased risk of myocarditis. The FDA panel’s review included Pfizer’s trial results with some 300 participants ages 18-55 who received a booster dose about six months after the second dose.

The FDA will review the committees vote and is expected to issue a final decision on Pfizer’s booster sometime next week. 

Biden Regime Confesses To Indiscriminate Slaughter Of 10 Innocent Afghan Civilians, Children With Drone Strike .

The Biden regime has confessed to the indiscriminate slaughter of 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children in Kabul with a drone strike they originally claimed took the lives of individuals involved with the coordination of suicide bombings that resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. servicemembers at the Kabul airport.

The Biden regime has admitted that the Kabul drone strike meant for “ISIS-K” terrorists in Afghanistan actually killed an innocent Afghan aid worker and 9 members of his family, including 7 children. The admission came from Gen. Frank McKenzie, the top general of US Central Command, at the Pentagon on Friday.

“This strike was taken in the earnest belief that it would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and the evacuees at the airport, but it was a mistake and I offer my sincere apology,” he said, adding that he is “fully responsible for this strike and this tragic outcome.” Sumaya, the youngest child killed by the Biden regime, was just two years old.

US intelligence had reportedly been tracking the man’s car for 8 hours before the drone strike killed him and his entire family. The government had initially suspected the man of being an ISIS-K terrorist, supposedly mistaking containers of water for deadly explosives.

The strike happened as the aid worker – named as Zamairi Akmadhi – pulled into the driveway of his home, 3km (1.8 miles) from the airport.

The explosion set off a secondary blast, which US officials initially said was proof that the car was indeed carrying explosives. However the investigation has found it was most likely caused by a propane tank in the driveway.

The New York Times previously reported that the Biden administration was lying about the target, using security cameras and eyewitness reports to confirm that the Biden regime killed at least one innocent civilian. Today, the Biden regime has finally admitted this reporting was accurate.

Gen. Mark Milley, who has been widely accused of “treason” for secretly calling the Chinese military behind President Donald Trump’s back to warn the CCP of any potential US military action, previously called the drone strike attack that murdered innocent civilians a “righteous strike.” (READ MORE: BREAKING: House Republicans Request AR 15-6 Investigation Into Gen. Mark Milley Over Secret CCP Calls)

Former Trump Administration Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller has come out and said that he “did not and would not ever authorize” General Mark Milley’s calls with the CCP. However, it has been reported he and Defense Secretary Mark Esper had “full knowledge” of the secret calls, including “about 15” other people. Esper was reportedly significantly involved in the secret CCP calls alongside Milley. “Milley was absolutely not going rogue. Esper took the initiative on this in October. Esper asked his own policy folks to backchannel the message. Milley’s message followed Esper’s,” said Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin after speaking to a senior defense official who confirmed the allegation.

France Recalls Ambassador to United States #BidenEffect

The government of French President Macron announced Friday afternoon it is recalling their ambassadors to the United States and Australia for consultations in the wake of a defense agreement with the U.S., Australia and the United Kingdom that shut out France and cancelled a multi-billion dollar submarine deal between France and Australia. This is the first time France has recalled its U.S. ambassador in the well over 200 years of close relations dating to France’s support for the American Revolution.

French Ambassador to the U.S. Philippe Etienne speaks at a 9/11 memorial in New York City, September 11, 2021, official photo.

Statement by Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs (17 September 2021)

At the request of the President of the Republic, I am recalling to Paris without delay our ambassadors to the United States and to Australia for consultations.

This exceptional decision is justified by the exceptional gravity of the announcements made on 15th September by Australia and the United States.

TRENDING: The Gateway Pundit Announces: AMERICAN GULAG – The Informational Website on the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

The cancellation of the Attack class submarine program binding Australia and France since 2016, and the announcement of a new partnership with the United States meant to launch studies on a possible future cooperation on nuclear-powered submarines, constitute unacceptable behavior between allies and partners, whose consequences directly affect the vision we have of our alliances, of our partnerships and of the importance of the Indo-Pacific for Europe.

Two days ago, France’s Ambassador to the U.S. Philippe Etienne wryly observed the U.S.-Australia betrayal of France took place on a key anniversary in U.S.-French relations, “Interestingly, exactly 240 years ago the French Navy defeated the British Navy in Chesapeake Bay, paving the way for the victory at Yorktown and the independence of the United States.”

The Macron government’s statement from Wednesday evening Washington time.:

Joint communiqué issued by Jean-Yves Le Drian and Florence Parly (16 September 2021)

France notes the decision just announced by the Australian Government of the halting of the ocean-class Future Submarine Programme [FSP] and the launch of cooperation with the United States regarding nuclear-powered submarines.

This decision is contrary to the letter and spirit of the cooperation which prevailed between France and Australia, based not only on a relationship of political trust but also the development of a very high-level defence industrial and technological base in Australia.

The American decision, which leads to the exclusion of a European ally and partner like France from a crucial partnership with Australia at a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, be it over our values or respect for a multilateralism based on the rule of law, signals a lack of consistency which France can only notice and regret.

With the Joint Communication on Europe’s strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region being published today, France confirms its desire for very ambitious action in that region aimed at maintaining “freedom of sovereignty” for all. As the only European nation present in the Indo-Pacific, with nearly two million of its nationals and more than 7,000 military personnel, France is a reliable partner which will continue to honour its commitments there, as it has always done.

The regrettable decision just announced on the FSP only heightens the need to raise loud and clear the issue of European strategic autonomy. There is no other credible path for defending our interests and values around the world, including in the Indo-Pacific region.

The French Embassy in Washington abruptly canceled a gala Wednesday night in response to the U.S.-Australia announcement. The gala was to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Capes.

Ambassador Etienne had recently been in New York City to commemorate the 9/11 attacks.

France’s recall of their U.S. ambassador comes after Joe Biden left the White House early Friday afternoon for a long weekend at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware vacation home.